As a band, the Chosen Ones consist of not only the musicians, but also all the people who help further the band and its carreer.


Aurélio Raposo

Aurélio Raposo was born in 1990 in Viana, a small city in the state Maranhão in the northeastern part of Brazil. He started studying electric bass in 2009 at the music school “Escola de Musica Lilah Lisboa”. Through this course, he participated in workshops with great professors from Brazil and abroad like Arthur Maia, Adriano Giffone, Jim Stinnet and Tod Johnson.
While attending the course, he participated at Brazilian biggest bass festival “São Luis Baixo Festival” with his own band. At the same time, he continued his involvement in the local music scene, playing with regional popular artist like Rosa Reis, Isaias Alves trio, Josias Sobrinho, as well as freelancing with national and foreign artists in Sao Luis.
Moving to Copenhagen in 2013, he continued to develop his work with instrumental Brazilian music, forming his own quartet playing the music of artist like Hermeto Pasqual, João Bosco, as well as Aurelios own compositions. The quartet participated in the World Music Festival in 2015 and the Winter Jazz festival in 2016.
Today he continues his music studies at MGK while teaching private music classes, working freelance and being a member of the instrumental band The Fourth Power with the percussionist Ayi Solomon, the pianist Makiko Hirabayashi and the trumpet player Alessandro Sgaran.

Flemming Hjorth, age 37, has been playing in bands since the age of 11. He started in metal and rock but later became interested in funk, jazz and experimental electronic music. He began building his homestudio by the age of 18, and by the year 2000 he was a student in one of Denmarks biggest recording studios ”Sweet Silence Studios”, where he learned sound engeneering from Flemming Rasmussen, famous producer of Metallica among many other big artists.
Flemming has always remained creative in his work, initially composing and later going on to produce music. His many journeys to Africa, especially Gambia, had a big influence on his musical tastes. In 2005 he founded Raggateers with a friend, and a studio was built for the project. Raggateers started out recording and producing, but later they became a full live band, backing up and producing various reggae artists and their music. Ever since, Flemming has dedicated his musical career to playing reggae and involving himself projects that interest him.

Flemming Hjorth

Jesper Ørberg

Jesper grew up by Limfjorden in nothern Jutland. He started playing the piano in the old rectory at the village of Hejlskov. His father was the local minister and Jesper grew up grounded by the traditional Danish hymns and folkmusic. His older siblings bought records of american blues, pop and gospel music which inspired him a lot. At the age of 15 he moved with his parents to Los Angeles, where he picked up the funk music from the streets and soul music in the churches. After a couple of years, he moved back to Aalborg, DK, carrying a Fender Rhodes electric piano and a Micro Moog synthezieser; he formed the fusion-jazz/funk group Titihoya in 1979. Four years later he joined the Copenhagen based rock band ”Bamboo Brothers”, and so he was drawn from the outskirts to the capital of Denmark, where he has since worked as a sideman, composer and bandleader in various jazz-rock-afro-latin-electronic and avent garde projects. In 1985 he went back to L.A. studying film composition at Dick Groove School of Music, and after touring the mid-west with an L.A. rockband, he returned once again to Copenhagen 1 1/2 year later. Now he got more work as composer and arranger for experimental artist and modern dance performer – and continued his study at the Rythmic Music Conservatory. From 2006, he worked as a primary school music teacher, and in 2009 he started his own music school ”Musiklaboratoriet”. Right now, Jesper is taking a masters degree in music education theory and didactic. He joined the ChosenOnes in 2015.

Edis Addison. Born in Ghana west Africa. Growing up in a home where music is a big part of the everyday life, starting to play reggae came natural for him. Edis has been a big part of the Copenhagen reggae environment, ever since the 90`s. He has been playing with most of the big artists in Denmark, and international artists too. You will know that it`s Edis Playing when you hear a deep growling, groovy and bluesy bubble organ with a sweet and tight piano skank.

Edis Addison


Babatunde Alaba
Percussionist & Talky drummer

Babatunde Alaba, a.k.a Alabama Georgia, hails from Abeokuta Ogun state; he was born and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria in a Christian home. He obtained his first school certificate in the year 1996. He obtained his senior school certificate in 2002 and later proceeded to higher institutions. He started his music career in 1996 at the age of twelve; he is a passionate, talky drummer, intelligent, skillful, talented, calm and also known for his creativity, making him popular and loved by everyone.
He has worked with the most successful artists in Nigeria and performed at different platforms, both at home and abroad, with the likes of African Shina, Obesere, Benita Okojie, T.W.O, Late Kefee Branama, Sammy Okposo, Late Sunny Okosun, Hope Davies, Chidinma, Omawunmi, Waje, Xproject, Tosin Martins, King Sunny Ade, Mike Okri, (Kunle Ayo S.A), Sean Tizzle, Adekunle Gold, Simi, Darey at Alade and Gloria Ibru. He has been one of the percusssionists at MTN Project Face, West Africa from Season 3 and has been working with Adrenaline Band to this day. He has also performed with Darey at Alade at the Nigerian Idol Season 5 grand finale, as well as with Dede Mabiaku on the same stage. He also Performed at Sound of Nigerian Festival in Atlanta, G.A 2010 alongside with Gloria Ibru, Waje, 2-Face, Tony Tetuila. Alaba has also had the privilege of performing at one of the biggest hotels in Nairobi, Kenya, the Regency Hotel and has moved on to Mahe Island Seychelles, off the coast of Kenya around the Indian Ocean. He then proceeded to perform at the African Music Concert, Johannesburg.

As of now, Alaba is working on Simi’s soon to be dropping album and with Adekunle Gold on his full album project dropping next month July 2016. He’s gifted, talented and his creativity speaks for all his achievements.

A largely self taught lover of tastful twang, Mads has been picking steel strings since the age of 16. Since then, his motivation for playing has been creating music; his first song was written using the very first three notes he succesfully put together – a blues-riff strikingly similar to Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters. Moving on from the blues, he has also continuously dabbled in rock, jazz, country and folk – among other genres.
Another incentive for his involvement in music has been playing with others: Within his first year of playing, he put together a band to perform Led Zeppelin covers. Since then, he has founded three bands primarily based around his own songs, as well as several other projects of a wide variety; from acoustic gypsy-jazz to the country sounds of the 50’s and 60’s and David Bowie’s 70’s catalogue of rock and thunderous roll, Mads’ musical vocabulary reflects years of seeking new ground, whilst still being firmly rooted in the place from which his journey began: the blues artists of old. Each genre Mads has delved into builds upon his sound and distinctive playing style compiling inspiration from Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler and everything in between – flavours of which he now adds to Jahcub’s raggae recipes.

Mads Bolding

Uffe H Olsen

Uffe started his reggae carreer way back in the early 80’s with the band ”Jackie Jive & Verdenseliten”. Among others, he has played with Continental Heat, Agarfa & Co. and Madala among others and toured throughout Europe, South Africa and performed at the largest festivals back in Denmark as well as abroad. Furthermore, he has played the drums on a swell of records; you can hear Uffe in Raggateers, Drums Across, Agarfa & Co. and Jahcub & the Chosen Ones, among others.

Peter’s groovy percussion work adds an interesting commentary track to Jahcubs exciting reggae arrangements; Peter has played drum sets and percussion for years in numerous salsa and afro bands. His CD debut, “Welcome To The Worldclub”, was on the shortlist for CD of the year at the Danish Music Awards in 2006. Besides working as a side man in other bands, he’s currently leading his own salsa band “Suwalskis Latin Quarter”, and he gives lessons as well.

Congas and percussion

Stefan Iwan

Stefan Iwan was born in 1999 in Copenhagen. He started to play the trumpet at the age of 7. At age 9, he joined The Tivoli Garden Music Band, playing classical music, Jazz, film scores and marching music. He stopped at The Tivoli Garden when he was 14. Now he studies jazz at the MGK, where his teacher is Thomas Fryland. Stefan Iwan is also signed to a Hip Hop production company called “Home Studio Productions”.
Stefan also plays in a big band called, “A Very Big Band”, conducted by Ole Kock Hansen.

From a very early age, Victors affection for music was spotted by his parents.
The ability to sing along perfectly to complex tunes on the radio prompted his parents to send him to a music school from the age of 8. There, he recieved the finest singing and choir education Denmark has to offer, travelling the world in the Copenhagen Chapel Choir, and at age 11, he took up the harmonica.
From the age of 15, he haunted the open jam nights in the Copenhagen blues and soul environment, singing, playing harmonica and the bass guitar; in this way, he met Jahcub Abraham.
Currently at age 21, Victor studies the chromatic and diatonic harmonica at MGK, a Danish academy of musical talent, under great musicians as Rasmus Ehlers (piano), Peter Hansen (bass) and Thomas Fryland (trumpet).
Finding the path of dedication is never easy, so Victor indulges in many projects, playing both Jazz, Blues, Soul/Funk, Brasilian Choro, Reggae, Highlife, as well as running open jam nights for charity twice a month.

As a member of Jahcub And The Chosen Ones, he is known as “The Giant” because of his small instrument and conversely striking height. 6.7ft. (2 Meters)

Victor Bøsling

Simon Mortensen

Simon Mortensen, age 23, was born in a town called Farum just outside Copenhagen. At the age of 10 Simon started playing saxophone on the local music school and took lessons there until he was 19.
Simon started out playing blues and jazz but soon discovered funk and soul.
After the years at the local music school, he went to Rytmisk Musikhøjskole in Vig.
The last few years Simon has been playing with many different projects and discovering different genres, espicially hiphop and pop/rock with bands such as Fars Rum, Home Studio Productions, Mund De Carlo, Boys From Heaven etc.

Christian Rodrigo started his career as a musician at a young age. Several years later, he was employed as well as self employed in other businesses than music – nationally as well as internationally – and then he returned to Denmark. Based on his knowledge and network in the business, an educated project manager with a zealous drive, he decided to start up an agency company based in Copenhagen. 9 years later, he met his future partner Anders Smaakjær, and they quickly decided to change the old brand and put a whole new agency together, wich they called: Soul Sound Agency. With Anders and Christian Rodrigo together behind the wheel, Soul Sound Agency quickly achieved the perfect balance of creative, artistic energy and a strong business mind-set.
”The reason why i do what i do – is pure passion for music!”
– Christian Rodrigo

Christian Rodrigo