Another Humanity Concert
July 28, 2017
5:00 pm
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Temple Blessings family!

It is time again for our family gathering, where we gather and everyone just be themselves, sharing the love to the sound of music. This little seed called Jahcub & The Chosenones has grown, and still growing (strong) only because you have watered it with waters of love. The sweetest part of this ship, is that we sail with the propellers of humanity, so no troubled waters can stop us. Come out and let’s all have a wonderful family evening, as we always do.

See you all on the 28th. Temple Blessings.
Jahcub & The Chosenones


Friday 28th of July
From 17:00 to 22:00
Concert starts 18:00

Guest acts:

Jah Turban (Jam)

Ida Ambrose (Gam/DK)

Mia I Am (DK)

Thomas Lemoins (USA)

DJ Nana1.GH

Tickets 100 kr.